This is a website dedicated to creating a Shakespeare commonplace book. As my class explores different Shakespeare plays, I will share my thoughts on the reading through this blog.

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My name is Brittany Genthert and I am a sophomore majoring in English and Art History on a Pre-Law track. I am very excited to explore Shakespeare in the context of London because my past classes have mainly focused on the poetry in his plays. As a student, I am looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and writing about the world of Shakespeare. My voice as a writer tends to be strongly argumentative and heavily structured. While my prose may be a bit flowery, my writing is very thorough. I enjoy writing analytical and interpretative papers with alternative theories. I am the most confident in writing research papers because they thoroughly explore topics that typically interest me. While my preferred writing genres are more academically focused and fact based, I am attracted to fiction for leisurely reading. I particularly enjoy historical fiction because it allows me to relive certain moments in history with a new perspective. In addition, I prefer lengthier novels to shorter narratives because I get caught up in the story and want to prolong my adventures. My weakness resides in writing short stories because of my lengthy writing style. Because of my reading preferences, my writing topics tend to focus on novelistic elements such as theme, character development, and setting.  I look forward to applying and adapting these skills in the upcoming projects.


My love for Shakespeare is extremely recent. In high school, my teachers followed a strict, rigid reading of his plays that I did not enjoy, so I came into college dreading the idea of taking another class focused on Shakespeare. It was not until I took Professor Cook’s Dean Seminar “Remediating Shakespeare” that I fell in love with Shakespeare’s genius. I discovered that his plays not only contain beautiful prose, but brilliant performance potential as well. I like to focus on the actuality of producing the play versus analyzing the language because Shakespeare’s work is fully experienced on the stage. Of the plays I have read, I think Othello is extremely compelling because of the multi-faceted characters-especially Iago. I have not read many of the plays on the syllabus, so I am looking forward to exploring more of Shakespeare with you!

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