Doctor Faustus: The third person

The only Early Modern London plays I have read, have been Shakespeare’s and I have always been confused as to why he was the one that dominated the field. I now know why. While I enjoyed Faustus, it is mainly for the plot and characters, not so much for the language. This work seems so bare compared to Shakespeare and I decided a large component of this is because Faustus constantly refers to himself in the third person. While Shakespeare also adopts the third person, he does so artfully and with meaning. Meanwhile, Marlowe’s constant use of the third person for Faustus started to annoy me. The constant name dropping could be due to the fact that Doctor Faustus has an extremely large ego, or it was just an elementary reminder to the audience about who the main actor is.  While I want to believe that the reason for this overbearing use of the third person is because Marlow wanted readers to be overwhelmed and annoyed with Faustus, the consistent over use leads me to believe other wise.


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