Hello, My name is Juliet. Welcome to my Crib

“He ran this way and leapt this orchard wall.

Call, good Mercutio.”

Benvolio 2.1


This spring break, I had the opportunity to visit Verona and see where Romeo and Juliet would have been situated. We spoke about there were different spaces for men and women in Verona, but the extent of this distinction did not occur to me until I walked the city streets of Verona. The streets were bustling with people, but besides the shops that opened its doors during the day, the streets were shut off by the buildings. Romeo’s supposive home is not even open to the public and can only be viewed from the outside. Maybe this is why Romeo had to roam the streets?

What really fascinated me was exploring the courtyard of Juliet’s home. I have attached a photo of the balcony. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed by the small size, but it made me question if the balcony used in The Rose was this size. Along this same thought, I began thinking about the logistics of how the young lovers kiss on stage if there was a balcony staged like this. Adjacent to the balcony were the “garden walls” that Romeo had to climb to see Juliet. They are large and no easy feat to climb. Shakespeare used artistic liberty on that account, but these towering walls just confirmed the notion of separate spaces for me in Romeo and Juliet.

#balcony #Verona #juliet


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