The Parent Lecture 2.0

I know not whether God will have it so

For some displeasing service I have done,

That, in his secret doom, out of my blood

He’ll breed revengement and a scourge for me.

But thou dost in thy passages of life

Make me believe that thou art only marked

For the hot vengeance and the rod of heaven

To punish my mistreadings. Tell me else,

Could such inordinate and low desires,

Such poor, such bare, such lewd, such mean attempts,

Such barren pleasures, rude society

As thou art matched withal, and grafted to,

Accompany the greatness of thy blood,

And hold their level with thy princely heart?

(3.2)- King

I found this lecture from the King extremely compelling because of its pure, emotional charge. The overbearing emotion comes through in the pose and religious allusion. The beginning of the speech is structured with long sentences that have a kingly tone, but the structure disintegrates as the king’s passions build. The use of anaphora when repeating the word “such” conveys a realistic expression of the subject matter. The king is lost for words and just needs to spew the thoughts bottled in his mind. The last three lines start with “a” and have other “a” words scattered because it is a harsh sound for a harsh topic. I love the realism in the language because I have seen my own parents adopt this.

The distance put between the king and God is also intriguing. The king blames God for giving him a terrible son, but as a divine ruler, he is supposed to be closely aligned with God to do his will. The expressed distance between these two figures highlights that the King is not the most “divine” of rulers and that his spot on the throne was unnaturally won.


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