Looking back to my past posts have been extremely informative as I prepare to choose a topic for my final paper. I noticed that I have an interest for the characters of the plays and whether these figures were products of real people. I am drawn to this subject because I find humans fascinating and love understanding the motivations of people. The way Shakespeare uses language to capture character’s personalities or situations was also fascinating to me (language of sorrow, femininity, anger, masculinity,, etc) In addition, I also found myself drawn to the logistics of the stage in Early Modern London. The translations of these plays are extremely fascinating, but I loved really focusing on how these plays were primarily performed.  I realized that the limits of the theater in Early Modern London can actually enhance many of the plays we read My blog posts definitely took advantage of exploring these subjects. I also blogged a lot about Romeo and Juliet in particular. Reading back through my posts, I think I am going to focus my paper on unpacking the themes I mentioned before specifically in Romeo and Juliet. My interest in this play began at the beginning of the semester and was enhanced when I visited Verona. I deeply enjoyed reading all these plays and having the opportunity to comment on a topic of my choice. I realized that I love the humanistic side of the theater and its presentation to a shared community.


Tracking the use of my hashtags was very interesting. While some were a bit out there, there were definitely some reoccurring subjects

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